Monday, 28 March 2011

Compline by Candlelight during April.

Friday 1st
Saturday 2nd
Friday 8th
Saturday 9th
Friday 15th
Saturday 16th
Saturday 30th

All at the later time of 9.30pm

St. Mary's Bishophill Junior,York

All welcome!

Who would ever have believed?.....

Picture the scene if you can. A group of people, priests and laymen, discussing the dream of having an EF Mass in York Minster, and dismissing it as fantasy! This was at Ushaw during the Training Conference in April 2010.

Fast forward a few months to 3 people in a York pub one Sunday evening after Mass, discussing the possibility of doing something in honour of St. Margaret Clitherow.

Amazingly, within a year of having dismissed such talk as sheer speculative fantasy, this is what you get!

Photos of the Extraordinary Form Mass in York Minster


Photos from Mass at the High Altar of York Minster


LMS Pilgrimage to York: report and pictures 


LMS Pilgrimage to York: more photos

York Minster Mass


 TLM in York Minster


Follow up: TLM at Tork for St. Margaret Clitherow

EF Mass in York Minster

Missa Cantata in York Minster


A memorable and solemn occasion


Shining Pearl of York


There's also a report from the local paper here.


Sets of photos are already making their way onto Flickr.


You can see some here, and here!