Friday, 31 October 2008

Busy weekends!

Last weekend was momentous! I think I’ve just about recovered…..

We started off on Friday evening with Compline, at which we were joined [for the first time in a singing capacity] by David. Saturday’s Mass was excellent. The polyphony had one or two hairy moments, which fortunately, only we noticed, and the singing of the ‘York’ Salve Regina was, I think, the best we’ve ever done. For a brief report of the Mass go here.

Sunday saw three of us go across to Oldham to fix our cravings for the Greek-Catholic Liturgy, which we’ve missed since May, when they were a regular feature at the University of York Chaplaincy. I introduced Bianca and Andrew to Stefan who is cantor for the Oldham church and a good friend of many years standing. The Liturgy was like a breath of fresh air – not that I don’t like Latin services you understand, but sometimes, they can be a little too intense, especially if you’re also involved behind the scenes. Once you get used to the Eastern Rite and if you invest a little time learning the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet [not difficult, I assure you[!] you’d be surprised at just how quickly it can be to pick up liturgical Ukrainian and take part in at least bits of the Liturgy! I hope we can go back there - sooner rather than later...

This weekend promises to be just as momentous, although the only singing involved will be this evening during Compline. Tomorrow, it’s another Liturgy in the morning at Bishophill, celebrated by our Orthodox friends, and then a concert in the evening performed by the excellent Ebor Singers. Sunday evening sees one of our friends being received into the Catholic Church and I’ve been asked to be his sponsor. Please keep John in your prayers this weekend.

The following weekend - Sunday at least, I'll be back on Tyneside. It often seems that I go to work during the week just for a rest!

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