Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Victoria's Requiem a 6

One of my favourite pieces ever is Victoria's Requiem for 6 voices. We were
privileged to sing this last Saturday at Holy Souls' Church, Scunthorpe.
Apart from the repeat of 'Quam Olim' in the Offertory - which very few people seem
to have been prepared for, despite the rehearsal, it went very well. It's a shame that
more people weren't there though. We now hope to repeat this for Remembrance
Sunday next year. I'm also hoping that it will be sung, either by us, or some other
group during the next LMS Priestly Training Conference at Ushaw, next April. It will
sound glorious in St Cutbert's Chapel! Here's an excerpt purloined from Youtube.

If you don't know the piece, then I recommend you check Amazon, or your favourite
supplier and get yourself a recording!
Our next fully choral service will be our Annual Carol Service @ Bishophill, always
well attended. We're looking forward to it even more this year, as it will be followed
by out first organised Christmas Party!

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Mark M said...

I've put in the Leave for Low Week, so I ought to be at Ushaw with 'A'.

Our Schola has sung at least 4 Requiem Masses this month alone, so I'm sure we could sing for you... ;-)