Sunday, 11 April 2010

THE Wedding!

This is a little experiment. I'm sending this from my phone to see if
it will upload to the blog as I'll have no access to a computer @

After a round trip of some 600 miles, I got back to York from Glasgow
at midnight after singing for Colin & Helen's Nuptial Mass. A lovely
couple, who I Met in Fife 2 years ago on the first St Margaret's
pilgrimage. Who can ever forget Sext on the beach(!), but I digress...

The weather was perfect, & the music wasn't bad either! For a scratch
Schola, all but one of whom I'd never met until yesterday, we
acquitted ourselves very well indeed. The church was lovely too -
definitely merits another visit next time I go to Glasgow, & it won't
be another 26 years before I do!

I would love to have stayed for the festivities after the Mass &
catching up with friends old & new + some on facebook who I finally
got to meet(!) but I had to get back to York as I still have
conference admin to sort out before setting off this evening.

Helen & Colin, in the best Russian/Ukrainian tradition, may I wish you
Many Happy Years!

On to Ushaw!

Mike Forbester

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