Wednesday, 15 September 2010

...... And Relax

That's the general idea anyway. I'm now on holiday, the first time off I've had since April. I won't dwell on it here, but the months in between have been very stressful work wise, and I'm not looking forward to the pile of work waiting for me on my return a week on Monday, because I know it won't get done in my absence, thanks to the 'wisdom' of my employers not replacing two full-time positions within my department. But, that's not till a week on Monday.

I'm writing this just after having sung for two Solemn High Masses in 4 days. The first at Brinkburn was a resounding success, and was blessed again with glorious weather. It never seems to rain when we go there, although first thing Saturday morning, conditions were very much wetter! By the time we got round to eating, we were at the risk of getting sunburnt...

The music was great. The chant Kyrie: Clemens Rector, Tallis' Mass for 4 voices, Monteverdi Ave Maris Stella & Adoramus Te & the 'York' Salve Regina, complemented by the Jarrow Schola singing the Proper of the Mass. I was quite relieved that the only time the Kyrie was mistake free, was during the Mass itself, because the rehearsals beforehand were full of errors. It's a piece of chant that I've been longing to sing for a few years, and the opportunity provided by the Tallis Mass having no Kyrie was too great to resist. :-)

Brinkburn this year also provided us with the opportunity to have a full choir photo taken, the first in over 4 years. So here we are!

5 people in the above photo are original members from 1996. 3 others actually sang with us for the very first time. (I hope it wasn't a baptism of fire!) Looking back, it's incredible that we only got together for what was thought to be a one-off, or at most, an annual occasion...

The second High Mass, for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, to be honest, could have been better. Perhaps it was tiredness creeping up on me. However it was an opportunity to sing in one of Yorkshire's finest catholic churches, St Charles Borromeo in Hull, so the Eremite, Jimitrius B, and myself were the Schola for the evening, or if certain terminology is to be interpreted, the Band! Perhaps next time we sing a chant Mass, we should be accompanied by electric guitars and a massive sound system instead of the organ. Mmm.... Anyway, here's a photo from last night.

I'm off to see the Pope this weekend, and then spend a few days in Wales. When I get back, I've got music to prepare for a sung Mass in York, and then solemn EF & OF Masses in Sheffield the weekend after in addition to the day job. It never ends....

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