Thursday, 14 February 2013

Music in the Diocese of Middlesbrough

I realise I'm guilty of directing readers to excellent blogs and websites in the USA regarding quality articles concerning church music, particularly catholic church music, so it's time to redress the balance a little bit.

This is very encouraging, and very close to home - I do in fact, live in this Diocese! Only a few years ago, liturgically speaking, this area of the UK was almost barren. If you wanted to hear a decent choir sing sacred music in a catholic service, you either had to follow us on our travels across Northern England, or visit Ampleforth in term time. However, the Diocese has got its act together and appointed an excellent musician, Tim Harrison, as Director of Music for both cathedral and diocese, and what a transformation he has made!

Where there were no choirs at all until recently, there are now 5 in residence at the cathedral, comprising of Cathedral Adult, Boy's & Girl's choirs + Ladies' & Mens' Schola Cantorum.

A tremendous amount of hard work has gone into this, and Tim deserves huge congratulations and a lot more publicity, something this blog can only go a little way towards achieving!

The link to the Diocesan music site can be found here.

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