Thursday, 1 August 2013

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"The Chant Café: Propers of the Mass Channel"

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Greetings Mike,

I was searching for 'Latin Mass in Lincolnshire' and came upon your photos on flicr for a Mass at St. Mary's Brigg with Fr. Dominic.

I wondered if you were in the vicinity of Lincolnshire yourself as I am currently organising a High Solemn Mass at St. Mary's Louth on the 3rd September.

I suspect you will know many of the names who are celebrating, serving and singing. Also, if you know of anyone who would be interested in attending who lives in the area then maybe you could let them know.

Feel free to attend. Things are on the up at St. Mary's after many years being in the doldrums.

Anyway, cheers for now and let me know if you want any extra information.


Mike Forbester said...

This is good to hear. Sadly It's a little too far for me on a weekday evening from York!


Greetings again,

Just so you know the High Solemn Mass actually did successfully go ahead at St. Mary's Louth.

As you know even the LMS state that Lincolnshire is the most poorly served country in the country for the Latin Mass. I was thinking of making a blog/reference site about the Lincolnshire Martyrs etc and add the information pertaining to the Latin Mass. I wondered if it would be possible to add your photographs (at some stage) which I originally found on flicr.

Thought I'd ask.

Hope all is well.

Mike Forbester said...

Yes, of course.

Mike Forbester said...
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