Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Compline by Candlelight.

9pm Friday 11th August, St Mary’s Bishophill Junior, York

Feria sexta infra Hebd IX post Octavam Pentecostes I. Augusti    IV. Classis

After singing the Dominican Rite in honour of St Dominic last week, we revert to the Roman rite and singing the Office of the day which means:

Psalms of Friday
Office Hymn (Te Lucis) is the Ferial tune.
Salve Regina (simple tone)

Please be aware that the York Ordinariate Mission are now using the church earlier on Friday evenings. After two successful trials, Evensong goes public this week, and is therefore open to anyone who might wish to attend! This service commences at 7pm. It’s therefore quite possible that anyone attending may wish to stay on for Compline, so please take note. J There was some interest from people who attended the Medieval festival at the weekend, so we shall see what happens.

Of course, neither of these services are official Rudgate events. I mention them here, because I’m involved in both, Cantoring the first (indeed, I have oversight of all public Liturgy celebrated by the York Ordinariate at the moment) and Officiating the second!

Until next week’s instalment… J

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