Monday, 9 October 2017

Services this weekend. Solemn Evensong, Compline and Holy Mass.

Friday 13th October. 7pm.
Solemn Evensong according to the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham.

St Edward the Confessor, optional memorial.

Pss 69; 70

Readings: Mic 3:9 - 4:5 1 Cor 12:12-26

Friday 13th October. 9pm.
Compline by Candlelight. Roman Rite Extraordinary Form.

S. Eduardi Regis Confessoris ~ III. classis

Compline of Friday.

Pss 76i; 76ii; 85. Antiphon, Voce mea.

Office Hymn: Te Lucis tune I

Marian Antiphon. Salve Regina - simple tone.

Both these services as usual at the church of St Mary, Bishophill Junior, York.

All welcome!

Saturday 14th October. 4pm.

Holy Mass according to the Ordinariate Use of the Roman Rite. (Divine Worship.)

This will be the very first Mass of the York Ordinariate Mission. It's an historic occasion on two counts, as not only is it the Mission's first Mass, it is also taking place (with permission) in the oldest church in the City of York, St Mary's Bishophill Junior.

The Mass will be Celebrated by Fr. David Stafford of the Sheffield Ordinariate, and will be the anticipated Mass of the Sunday, the 18th after Trinity . The music will be chant taken from the Plainchant Gradual and Anglican Use Gradual, with Merbecke's setting of the Mass and the simple tone Salve Regina.

Anyone within reasonable distance of York is very welcome!

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