Friday, 9 January 2009

Much Ado about 'Something' [I hope!]

The first part of 2009 finds us at a relatively quiet time. We've nothing major planned for the first quarter of the year yet, though I've tentatively bookmarked 21st February as a date when 'something' may happen. This 'something' could either turn out to be an Orthodox Divine Liturgy or a Trad Latin Mass depending on who 'books' us first! It's a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle at this stage though & a bit frustrating, but we can't make any progress until the relevant pieces are in place regarding venue and nature of Service.

There's something of interest in both options as that date in the Eastern Calendar is All Souls' Saturday - the equivalent in the West of 2nd November. The Mass on the other hand would be a Vigil Mass of Quinquagesima, as it's the weekend before Lent.

I don't really mind which one we end up singing for, the important thing, in my opinion at least, is to keep up the interest & momentum built by the excellent Carol Service in York just before Christmas. We do have a very important date already in April and the gap between the Carol Service and St George's Day is, I think, too long.

As for St George's Day itself, there's not a lot I can say about it right now (due to not being allowed to!) except that it will be at Ushaw College in County Durham and will be potentially the biggest and most important service we've ever been involved in. It's a working day for most people, so I've already sent out an email whilst acknowledging this, urging and imploring singers to try and book a days leave that day. Time will tell, but the more people declaring their availability between NOW and the end of February will ease my stress levels considerably!

I live in hope! Meanwhile, Compline by candlelight continues every Friday, but the monthly Chant Masses in the Extraordinary Form have come to a temporary halt. This is because we've lost the priest who was offering these Masses to a Parish in Middlesbrough (more on that in a later post as we intend to visit!) and his replacement is still learning the EF. I don't yet know when 'Normal Service' will be resumed, but am looking forward to Masses with Fr Stephen when he's given the Green Light after his training as he is an excellent singer.

As this is my first post since the end of December, I'll close by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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